SRT provides design services for water resources, wastewater and recycled water infrastructure projects, working closely with your staff to ensure that we meet your standards and exceed your expectations.

We have substantial experience providing preliminary design and detailed design services for both public and private utilities in California. SRT offers value where other firm’s don’t through our industry leadership in O&M management, our staff’s expertise designing within the framework of coastal California’s regulatory requirements, and a proven track record of meeting deadlines on time and within budget.

At SRT we engage with your project through construction and closeout by facilitating permit acquisition and review, providing bidding services, reviewing contractor submittals and RFIs, providing as-built records, and assisting your staff by providing startup support for when you begin to use your new facilities.

Permitting, Design, and Construction Management of a 0.5-M Gallon Potable Water Reservoir

Wet Weather Flow Management Project

Hazen's Tank Design

Wet Weather Retention Structure Design

Surface Water Treatment Plant Design and Implementation

Sunset South Inlet Repair and Rehabilitation

Permitting, Design, and Construction Management of Two 100,000-Gallon Drinking Water Reservoirs

Digester Upgrade Project

As-Needed Design of Storage and Conveyance Infrastructure Design