Over the last decade, SRT has become a leader in providing engineering and funding support services to small water systems in California. SRT has worked with numerous small communities on a variety of water system improvement projects, including water supply availability studies for disadvantaged communities and remote water systems, alternative analyses for public and private water utilities, and turnkey water storage, treatment, and distribution system design for failing, rural water systems. Our project experience with water systems that serve disadvantaged communities has been largely funded through Prop.1, resulting in an in-depth understanding of the SWRCB funding requirements for the proposed improvement projects.

SRT brings you unmatched expertise assisting small water systems:

  • Extensive experience working with small utilities, including rural systems and disadvantaged communities
  • Experience working under State grant funding, including the development of cost estimates and preliminary design documents for planning and construction grant application purposes
  • Long-term relationships and experience with local regulators, and deep understanding of Division of Drinking Water’s communication style, deliverables format, and design approach preferences
  • Significant engineering expertise in condition assessment, engineering design, and permitting support

Nitrate Contaminated Water Supply

SRT was contracted by the County of Monterey to develop a water supply feasibility study, conceptual engineering report, and final design documents for the San Lucas County Water District (SLCWD) Improvement Project. Funded through Prop. 1, the SLCWD Improvement Project was developed to assist the community of San Lucas, located in the Salinas Valley of California, in establishing a new water source, as the existing source was deemed unfit for consumption.

New Water System Design and Permitting

SRT was contracted by the Redwood Glen Camp & Conference Center, which owns and operates a small water system, to design, permit, and project manage the implementation of a new surface water system. Over the three (3) years of this project, SRT developed a water supply availability study, an alternative analysis report, conceptual engineering documents, and final plans and specifications for the Redwood Glen water system.

Surface Water Treatment Plant Design and Implementation

Girl Scouts of Northern California hired SRT Consultants to design and implement a technically proficient and cost-effective treatment alternative for the Girl Scout’s Camp Butano Creek surface water facility, providing as-needed assistance for the system design and installation, regulatory compliance, and development of O&M documents.

Alternatives Analysis and Water System Redesign

SRT was contracted by the Western Water Conservation (WWC) to develop a water supply alternative analysis and final design documents for the Ramona Water System (RWS) Reliability Improvement Project. Funded through Prop. 1, the project assists a rural community outside of Anza, California in Riverside County, with improving the water supply, storage, and distribution system reliability of their existing system. SRT was retained to plan and design the layout of a new water system for RWS to reliably serve existing customers.

Arsenic Treatment Pilot Study

SRT has assessed over 25 small water systems for PG&E and assisted them in achieving compliance through identifying deficiencies in the water systems and recommending improvements to their facilities. In some cases, SRT has been contracted by PG&E to assist with pilot testing and/or implementation of recommended improvements. SRT was directed by PG&E to oversee an arsenic treatment pilot testing at a remote facility, which included recommendations for bid invitations to Vendors.