SRT offers extensive experience with water quality studies and analysis projects from across a variety of applications including water supply, wastewater, stormwater and recycled water projects. Headed by our Principal Tanya Yurovsky, P.E., and supported by our Water Quality Specialist Dale Newkirk, P.E., our O&M specialists have substantial capability providing technical studies and evaluations in response to regulatory considerations and defining water quality objectives.

Unlike many other suppliers of water quality services, SRT’s experience extends well beyond our ability to provide analytics. Our design and process engineering professionals are well-versed in California’s most recent regulations and will approach your water quality evaluation comprehensively, giving reliable recommendations to solving your complex water quality challenges.

SRT is proficient working with both large and small water systems and recognize that effective solutions may differ depending on your system size. We would work closely with you so that you get the best recommendations and service specific to your particular infrastructure. As past Co-Program Director of Center for Affordable Technologies for Small Water Systems at UC Davis, our Water Quality Lead Dale Newkirk, P.E. brings a unique perspective of small systems technologies and effective and creative cost-saving practices. When it comes to water quality issues we will stringently adhere to our promise of responsive support because we realize that the reliability of your organization relies on our ability to respond quickly to your needs.

Arsenic Pilot Study and Small System Regulatory Compliance

Water Quality Evaluations for Private Clients

Surface Water Hypolimnetic Oxygenation Feasibility Study